Whether it’s Holiday Cottage Cleaning, Private Houses or, indeed Business Premises, the very highest of standards, reliability and attention to detail are prerequisites when it comes to clients expectations. First Impressions are crucial. Impeccable cleanliness is what people remember. When the Winter comes, this reliability comes into play more than ever.

2017 is a great inaugural year for us. We identify that there is an intrinsic need for cleaners in this World Heritage area. Who knows? Given the Brexit situation, a shortage of reliable service professionals is on the cards. But don’t take our word for it, our recent Business Network Events confirms what we think. A lot of people go home for the Winter also, a lot of cleaning personnel, yet the visitors keep coming to the cottages.

Timing is everything.

Lakes Mrs Mop is a A First Class Cleaning Company, DBS checked (for peace of mind) with some excellent testimonials to back it up. From Kendal to Kentmere,  Staveley to Sedbergh, or indeed Grasmere (as seen above) to Cartmel, The team will have you covered. Excellent communication (so very important), great customer service (again, vital) and, above all, cleanliness par excellence, are the foundation for this business. It’s all about the client.

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